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Solana Day Spa is a small operation with limited staff, and we do our best to be available for you as much as possible. There may be some days when the storefront will be locked because we are both performing services at the time. If you need to stop in and chat about products or make a purchase, we welcome you to either call us to make arrangements or book a free "product pick-up" through our online booking system, to ensure we are available to help you.

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It’s January – Let’s Feel Great!

It’s January – Let’s Feel Great!


The new year is upon us — another year full of possibilities. It always feels like a fresh start, and when we consider this, it’s only natural for us to consider bettering ourselves or our situation in some way or another.

Personally, I have some goals for this year but I know my #1 priority has to be feeling my best. I know that to achieve my own goals and also to help others with theirs, I need to have energy and feel clear-headed. I know this can be achieved with giving my body some love through good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, positive and healthy lifestyle behaviours, and cultivating and maintaining positive, meaningful relationships. But first, out with the old.

After a month that is typically full of excesses — excess sugar, alcohol, calories in general, and stress — January is the perfect month to slow down and do a gentle cleanse. This really means to unburden your body (your mind too!) of these excesses. It’s about giving your body a break from having to process anything toxic to us for awhile, and giving it a chance to heal itself and get back to balance and good health.

By making a commitment to slowing down, lightening up the diet with (during winter) foods such as clear broth-based soups, steamed veggies and herbal teas, light daily exercise, and the chance to reconnect with nature and fresh air, you’re giving your body the ability to return to balance.

During this time, you can give your body’s eliminative and detoxifying organs some extra support with beneficial herbs and other natural ingredients. The simplest way to get a variety of these helpful ingredients is through a cleanse or detoxification kit. I like New Roots Herbal’s Energy Cleanse. This gentle yet effective cleanse is easy to use and helps to open our bodies’ channels of elimination as well as activate our detoxification pathways while offering supportive and healing benefits.

Next week, join me in the quest to feel your best! I will have cleanse products and other gentle detox options for sale. Book a “free consultation” or “product pick-up” appointment with me to go over what option is best for you, as well as to pick up a general and simple guide with foods to focus on eating while on your cleanse. I welcome you to share your experiences with me during your cleanse — I’m always happy to offer tips along the way.

No matter what you want this year, we all have the capability to make great things happen in our lives — we just have to be willing to put in some effort and commitment, have the confidence in our ability to make it happen, and to seek out the resources and support necessary to get us there. Happy New Year – I hope it’s a great one for you.

Caehlin McGraw, RNCP
Certified Esthetician and Nutritional Consultant

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